Packing services for export goods

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    Packing services helps protect goods when transporting, especially those of high value, perishable goods such as machinery. For export goods need to be packed in accordance with export standards. Because goods often have to be transported long term, changes in weather as well as sea water are preventable.
    Packing service at HD Asean Vietnam sets out strict regulations on packaging of exported goods. That is to help ensure the safety of goods during transportation, making customers more secure during delivery.You can refer to the packaging services that we offer:
    · Packing fragile goods.
    · Packing of electronic components.
    · Packing super-sized and super-weight goods.
    · Vacuum packaging.
    · Packing machinery.
    · Packaging of office equipment
    With a team of professional consultants, experienced technicians are always ready to advise and answer any questions from customers about the service. The packaging services at HD Asean always provide the best service quality that can ensure customer satisfaction.
    In addition to the above packaging services, we also provide other services such as wooden crating, wooden bales, wooden pallets, ... to help customers easily choose the right service for goods, To ensure safety during transportation.
    Some pictures of goods packaging services:
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