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25/12/75 (Tuổi: 43)
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La Seyne-Sur-Mer
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study Education Science

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New Member, Nam, 43, đến từ La Seyne-Sur-Mer

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    25/12/75 (Tuổi: 43)
    Nơi ở:
    La Seyne-Sur-Mer
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    study Education Science
    Leisure, alternative lifestyle, and hanging out hedonism are the refreshingly unaffected concerns of
    the new batch of Goldsmith's students. Despite the art school's international reputations, the class of 1995, have gone their own way
    without miming in any obvious ways the style or strategies of their celebrated forebears.
    The success of the work is in the student's quest
    to tell the worlds who they are, or who they want to be, not in style or

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